Emma Bunton: No Longer a ‘Smoking’ Hot Celeb!

25 Jun

As a baby you might expect to get away with just about anything that a responsible and intelligent adult would be frowned up for doing, like wetting diapers, vomiting on a shoulder or screaming in a MacDonald’s, but when you’re a Baby Spice girl, the rules change! And are definitively enforced!
But it appears that the former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton’s thoughts on complying with normal regulations that the rest of us are subjected to don’t apply to her, as she attempted to light up a cigarette at Mahiki night club and was informed that it wasn’t actually allowed. One would have thought that Miss Bunton might actually have heard by now that smoking in public places has been banned in the UK since July 1st 2007.
But, as with many celebs who feel they are above the law, Emma, 33, didn’t take kindly to the polite refusal by the management of her request to smoke and spat her dummy right out of her mouth and stormed out of the Mayfair, London, nightclub and headed for the next venue where doubtless she thought her celebrity status would allow her to kill herself and others around her with her disgusting smoking habit.
According to http://www.heatworld.com Emma was also caught in much the same situation back in March 2008. Posted by heatworld on Monday 10 Mar 2008, ‘This story reminds us of the time the biggest goody-goody in school was told off for passing notes in Maths lesson… this weekend, Emma Bunton got a telling off for smoking in a nightclub. Emma was out with some friends at London’s Cafe De Paris nightclub when she naughtily sparked up a cigarette and tried to smoke it under a table (the woman is 32 years old, for god’s sake!). However, the cheeky so-and-so was caught red-handed by a bouncer, who tried to throw her out. “Security asked Emma to leave after she was caught smoking a cigarette with a female pal,” confirms a club spokesman. “We take smoking in the club very seriously as it is against the law. But Emma was extremely polite and kept apologizing so she was allowed to stay.” Emma’s lucky to be let off so lightly – she could have faced a £2,500 fine….
As a mother of a 22 month old baby boy, Beau, Bunton should maybe take time to consider not just herself, the people around her but also her baby son when she potentially places herself in a category of people known as, ‘lung cancer patients‘.
But Emma isn’t the only smoking sinner from the 1990’s all girl band. Just this past May Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell was spotted having a quick puff as she walked her baby daughter Bluebell in her stroller and thankfully all Bluebell was sucking on was a bottle.

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