Rihanna and Chris Brown Are true Friends

29 Jun


Rihanna and Chris Brown are trying to keep in touch as friends. Their reps say that there’s no chance of them hooking back up again, but they both want to keep in touch and stay friends. As part of Chris’ plea bargain he needs to stay something like 50 yards away, and while in public settings like award shows, at least 10 yards. However both Chris and Rihanna think this is completely unnecessary.They spent over an hour on the phone together the other day after the plea bargain. There was also pictures a couple days ago of Chris entering a recording studio somewhere in Hollywood after the plea bargain.I like happy endings as much as any one else, but seriously guys?? He beat the shit out of her?? Is this the message we want to send our society, get angry, beat ur woman, and everything will be okay?Just yesterday I was listening to the radio in my car and I noticed they were playing Chris Brown’s song. For the longest time there was a boycott on all of his music by most radio stations in North America. When did that end? Honestly I wouldn’t know, I don’t listen to that much radio, but if it was as soon as he made the plea bargain, that’s just wack. Either boycott his music or just play it.I’m all for second chances, but has this guy even offered a sincere apology? Has he committed to speaking out against violence against women? Has he convinced any one that this will never ever happen again?

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